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Have you bought a house or would you like to remodel your existing house?

We accompany your conversion, extension and other work around your house and assure you of a high quality execution. We save you the stress and take over all work in full service . Whether minor work or a complete house renovation , we design your new home with great experience, attention to detail and to suit your budget.

A complete apartment renovation is not always necessary to turn your home into a real gem. Even a new bathroom, a new kitchen or a different room layout enhances your sense of living. Use the existing living space even better to feel really comfortable in your own walls. Our experts will help and relieve you of all the efforts from planning to implementation.



As a company you depend on well-kept and functional premises.  Your shop should be inviting and encourage your customers to buy, offices should offer visitors and employees a pleasant working environment. At Renex you can rely on experienced and professional craftsmen who will help you with commercial and shop fittings etc. from conception to implementation.

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If your bathroom is getting on in years,      a bathroom remodeling or complete bathroom renovation is the right step. We'll help you get a shower or bathtub in keeping with the times and ensure that your bathroom can still be used safely and effortlessly even in old age.

In many Swiss households, the kitchen is the center of family life. If your kitchen is getting on in years, RENEX will help you with a stress-free and contemporary kitchen renovation. From high-quality flooring to the integration of modern electrical appliances, we take on the entire kitchen conversion, according to your budget and your creative ideas.


A beautiful floor, wall or ceiling is not only an eye-catcher, it also contributes to thermal or footfall sound insulation. We lay stone, real wood, laminate, etc.        With us, various laying patterns and designs can be realized.

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Moving safely through your house or reaching your apartment requires easy-to- climb stairs and sturdy railings.  If your staircase is getting on in years, we will be happy to renovate your stairs and railings.

A nice coat of paint on your walls gives every room its special character. Our painters and upholsterers are happy to work for you to raise the appearance of your walls and ceilings to a new level. We are happy to work with each painting with special effects that give your rooms a unique effect.

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Would you like a renovation or redesign of your outdoor area? Our specialists for everything to do with your terrace/veranda will show you multifaceted design ideas with which you can enjoy relaxing hours between home and garden in a particularly aesthetic and durable environment.

If you want to bring your house or apartment up to date with a major renovation, new wall or ceiling cladding is always worth a solution and such adjustments promote value retention and your comfortable living feeling.

A modern and well thought-out room design helps you to use the existing living space even better and to be more comfortable in your own walls. Learn from our specialist advice how you can get the most out of your living space.

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With us you get “everything from a single source” with just one contact person and you don't leave anything to chance. With the renovation experts at RENEX GmbH, you can place all of the craft work relating to renovation, renovation and conversion into competent and reliable hands. We offer you a wide range of full service that leaves nothing to be desired, whether large or small, for your house, apartment, bathroom, kitchen, terrace, floor, walls and much more for private or corporate customers in all areas. Under Services you will also find a brief overview of some of our services on the individual topics, which we will be happy to put together for you to a suitable service package according to your budget.

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