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Modernes Haus


Not every project related to your home is done in a day or two. If you are planning work such as a bathroom renovation, a new staircase and other measures for interior and exterior expansion, private do-it-yourselfers are quickly overwhelmed. It's not just the abundance of work and tasks that is great. Due to a lack of experience in coordination and execution, you quickly live on an eternal construction site.

Our RENEX GmbH prevents this and accompanies you through all pending work around your house or apartment. Whether it's a kitchen conversion, new flooring, a new living room or other interior design plans, we are your reliable specialist. Our professionals accompany you from the planning to the last brushstroke and ensure that your new bathroom, living room & Co. meets your expectations.

Besprechen der Baupläne

Our goal at RENEX is to make your home renovation as stress-free as possible. We want you to be able to inspect your new living room or your brand new staircase as soon as possible and hardly notice that we are there during the working phase. For this reason, we offer all of our remodeling, renovation and refurbishment services as a full service on.

We are happy to discuss with our customers what work and effort we should take on. We are happy to take care of every little movement so that the renovation of your house goes effortlessly. As an experienced partner in Switzerland, with us you can be sure that nothing will go wrong when renovating your home.




Are you thinking about renovating your bedroom, living room or kitchen to make it more livable? Do you want a new bathroom or do you want to master a coat of paint or a change of scenery without any effort? Just come to us. The RENEX team looks forward to your non-binding inquiry and shows you how affordable real professional work can be.

moderne Villa

As a skilled craft company, the renovation experts are familiar with the wishes and demands of private and commercial customers for many years. Our portfolio of services is correspondingly large when we renovate a house or garden should redesign. You can trust our experts for these purposes, for example:

- Conversion of bathroom (e.g. for barrier-free use of shower or bath)
- Remodeling bedrooms
- Kitchen conversion (for example with a modern kitchen island)
- New walls and new floor coverings in all rooms
- New stairs
- Renovation work by our painters and upholsterers

Whether individual measures for internal expansion or as a complete package of many services, we always calculate fairly and transparently. Talk to us about stairs, floors or specific living spaces and let us make you a strong offer.

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