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Enjoy the sun, have a barbecue with friends or read a good book on holiday - a terrace or veranda attracts you outside from spring to autumn. Of course, this only applies if your outdoor area exudes a neat and cozy ambience. If your porch and your furniture are getting old, the outside area of your property will be avoided more and more.

But it doesn't have to be. The renovation experts at RENEX GmbH create dreamlike verandas for you, with which your desire for hours in the fresh air is re-awakened. We accompany you in full service and implement jointly developed design ideas for you professionally and absolutely stress-free.

Every building is unique, the same applies to the structural ideas of a loggia or an outdoor terrace. From the lounge atmosphere with real natural wood to robust decking made of composite materials, there are options for designing the floor of your outdoor area to be high-quality and durable. The same applies to the structures of your loggia, where metal, wood and other materials become a unique combination.

The planning and conception phase plays an important role for our RENEX GmbH. We show our customers in Switzerland which ideas can be implemented in modern veranda design. We not only respond to your aesthetic wishes, we also consider your existing budget from the first discussion. Make use of our specialist knowledge and then experience the professional implementation by our experienced employees.




In addition to new projects, many of our customers already have a terrace or a porch that is getting on in years. Depending on the condition and your ideas, even small renovation measures can help bring new shine to your outdoor area. The RENEX experts are your partner for independent and professional advice.

We would be happy to pay you a visit to Switzerland and get an overview of the condition of your outdoor space. Together with you, we will find out how a targeted renovation can help or whether a completely new concept is appropriate.

Image by Virendra Vikram

Perhaps you have been thinking about a new porch or building extension for a long time. Many of our customers fear dirt, dust and a long construction phase, which are particularly common when renovating on their own. With RENEX GmbH you go a different way. Our full service helps you to handle all work as stress-free as possible.

Just hand over all the tedious tasks from planning to fine-tuning to us. We assure you a clean, reliable and cost-conscious implementation of your new outdoor terrace. Just lean back and let our experts do all the work. In every construction phase we are of course in direct contact with you and let your feedback and other requests flow into the further project phases.

RENEX GmbH - your experts inside and outside.

Finally, give your outdoor area an aesthetic and inviting charm again. At RENEX GmbH we implement your building extension just as you have always wanted it to be. Simply contact us and let us advise you on all aspects of verandah and terrace design. In addition, you can entrust us with tasks relating to your interior design and thus achieve a fundamental renovation and refurbishment of your house. We look forward to your trust and help with real expert knowledge.

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