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When converting commercial or private, structural changes are primarily considered. After a thorough renovation of your rooms or the installation of new tiles and floors, the final painting or the application of wallpaper is the finishing touch. This is associated with hours of work that many owners shy away from and therefore choose compromises such as simple painting with white paint.

After a renovation, the house or apartment can be made even more attractive if you work out the aesthetic character of your rooms with the professional work of our painters and upholsterers. This is exactly what RENEX GmbH stands for, transforming your walls and ceilings into real eye-catchers at the end of renovation or refurbishment. Our experts not only help with color and design selection, we also implement your wishes in an absolutely professional and attractive way.

Doing painting or working as an upholsterer is more than a manual process. Real experts bring a trained eye with them to see immediately what fits the respective room and its effect. The brightness of the room as well as its size and section determine which colors and designs go well with a paint or wallpaper.

The same applies to the intended use of your rooms after work. When renovating a business, for example, subtle colors and a classic line are in the foreground. This is different for a private household with preferences for the country house style or warm colors in a living room or fireplace room. All of this already flows into the planning phase in order to later implement a coherent concept for you.




If you want to beautify your apartment or house during a renovation, you may shy away from the abundance of work and tasks. RENEX GmbH knows from experience the concerns of all customers about living on a construction site for a long time and not making good progress. This is exactly what happens if you don't trust a specialist company for everything from renovation to painting or wallpapering.

With us you are in the best of hands so that all work can be carried out quickly, reliably and on favorable terms. From individual rooms such as a planned conversion of the kitchen to the redesign of your entire house, we not only carry out painting and wallpapering work for you. We would be happy to create an overall concept in which painting or wallpaper represent the last, stress-free step for you.


Experience the top service of our painters for yourself.

Even if you are not planning to bring your apartment or house up to scratch with a major renovation, we are there for you. Our experts will be happy to paint individual rooms for you or wallpaper your apartment in order to achieve a new and fresh feeling of living. Just get in touch with RENEX GmbH and tell us your requirements.

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