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In order to advance trade and retail through conversions, skills other than those in private residential real estate are required. With every renovation, functional aspects are more in the foreground in order to contribute to a practical working atmosphere. With all the benefits, aesthetics should not be neglected so that your employees enjoy sitting at the respective workplace.

Commercial buildings also pose a major challenge during the renovation phase. Business should continue to run during the renovation and disrupt customers or visitors as little as possible. This is exactly where the problem lies when conversions and renovations are carried out on your own. RENEX GmbH is the right partner to ensure that your commercial renovation is carried out quickly and in a targeted manner.

Renovations in the commercial sector have many facets. The conversion in the manufacturing industry is particularly demanding, as the renovation should not have any influence on ongoing production. Thanks to our many years of experience, we assure you of a reliable and timely procedure so that normal operations can be resumed quickly.

The same applies to professional shopfitting, where as large a part of your sales area as possible should still be available. This also applies to office renovations in order to ensure your employees a familiar working environment. It is important to us to clarify the exact requirements with you in advance and to precisely outline the situation during the renovation phase. This gives all sides the security of an adequate project handling.




Day-to-day operations should not suffer from your upcoming renovations in the commercial area. We know that most commercial clients want to worry as little as possible about the upcoming renovation and would like to hand it over to expert hands. With the full service of RENEX GmbH, you make the best decision here.

After a clear concept has been drawn up, also at your location in Switzerland, our team of experts will get to work. You don't have to worry about anything else with us and you have the security of having all conversions carried out by a real specialist. If you have any questions or suggestions, our renovation experts are of course at your side in every phase of the project.

Innenraum des Restaurants

Depending on the trade and the wishes of our customers, minor renovations are sufficient to bring your shop or office landscape into shape. It is not uncommon for a few individual measures to be sufficient to implement your wishes. These include:

- New room layout with drawing new partitions, doors
- Disposal of the floor and laying a new floor covering
- Redesign of the walls and ceilings, cladding of the walls after new electrical installations

- Complete redesign of your sales or office space

- Offices, shops, lounges, kitchen

- Fitness rooms, squash court, badminton courts, changing rooms

- Bar, restaurant, coffee shop, hotel lobby, rooms

- Hairdressing salon, beauty salon, practice, health center, etc.

For some of these measures you can be sure that RENEX GmbH will implement them professionally and according to your budget. We are also available to help you develop and implement completely new room concepts. Our expert knowledge is particularly worthwhile here if you move to a new location and want to get to a contemporary office or shop.

Delaying renovations and new shopfitting affects the working atmosphere and in the worst case scares off customers and clients. Do not take this risk and instead hand over your planned commercial renovation to the experienced hands of RENEX GmbH. We are at your side in all project phases and convince you in terms of scope of services and price. Promote your business with new premises and enjoy professional and stress-free implementation.

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