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The construction of your house is not limited to years and decades. Many builders and owners develop wishes as to how they can upgrade their own home. Perhaps you are thinking about better thermal and sound insulation or would you like to transform walls and ceilings into a natural eye-catcher with wood cladding? All of this falls under the area of dry construction  which our renovation experts at RENEX GmbH carry out for you professionally.

From bathroom remodeling to redesigning your entire apartment, we will give you a lot of ideas on how new walls and ceilings contribute to the upgrading of your residential property. Give your rooms a completely new aesthetic with a suspended ceiling or clad walls. From hidden electrical installations to high fire protection, all customer requests can be implemented effortlessly.

If you want to bring your house or apartment up to scratch with a major renovation, new wall or ceiling cladding is always worth a solution. Installations of this kind promote value retention and your comfortable feeling of living. Of course, every bathroom renovation or the redesign of the kitchen and living room is slightly different, also with regard to the conditions of the existing property.

This shows the great advantage of relying on a full-service partner like RENEX GmbH. We accompany you from the first consultation to the last step and see ourselves as a fair partner on an equal footing. It is important to us that the apartment or house can still be used with every renovation and that you do not have to worry about any work. We carry out all drywall work professionally and quickly, always based on the given budget.




Would you like to redesign the kitchen, living room and more during a renovation and immerse yourself in old ceiling and wall work? Contact our experts at RENEX and let them work out your personal offer. With us you are in experienced hands with whom you can carry out renovations and conversions without any effort.

Blue Print

Redesigning an apartment or house through an internal renovation almost always has a functional background. With properly installed wall or ceiling cladding, you bring many practical advantages to your living area, for example:

- High fire protection, especially in the kitchen or children's room

- Installation or removal of the walls

- Better noise protection, e.g. by insulating the impact sound
- Hiding electrical cables and other installations
- Additional heat buffer as part of a modern insulation concept

Our experts will advise you comprehensively and show you which means can best be used to implement your individual ideas and living ideas. In addition to the functional character, the aesthetic redesign can of course also be in the foreground. Not only new partition walls are an effective means of redistributing rooms when renovating a house and giving them a completely new effect.

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