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You are certainly familiar with the concept of landscape architecture. A harmonious interplay of nature and buildings should shape the landscape and create a positive attitude towards life. This is exactly the goal of RENEX when we deal with the most modern room architecture. There are many ways and possibilities to increase the aesthetic and homely value of interiors even on a small budget.

From the entrance area to the design of individual rooms to the interplay of house and garden, there are many starting points for creating something big. Upgrading your apartment or house through targeted renovations gradually creates unique and very special living spaces. We allow your individual wishes to flow in and combine them with hip and contemporary living trends.

It is important to RENEX that you have to worry as little as possible when redesigning your rooms. Larger conversions or renovations in particular are often delayed by owners due to the dreaded chaos with a lot of work. This is where it pays off, to absolute professionals in conversion and renovation to trust.

In the first step, we will discuss with you in peace how your renovation inside and outside should look like. On this basis, we develop a concept for the conversion and renovation that we coordinate with you. After your approval, our room architects start work immediately and ensure reliable and timely service.




Have you recognized that you can get more out of your living space? Contact us and transform your home into a new place of well-being without any effort and at fair conditions. At RENEX you are in the hands of absolute experts who relieve you of all the troubles. Of course we are also available for your foyers, halls etc., in public and commercial areas.

Modernes Wohnzimmer

As a room architect Our experts at RENEX GmbH offer you various services with which your home becomes a real oasis of well being. We accompany you from the planning of your conversion to the professional implementation and offer you the following services, for example:

- Development of an overall concept based on the floor plan
- Comprehensive renovation of individual living rooms or the entire house
- Laying new floors and renovation of your staircase
- Choice of colors and designs for wallpapers and wall paints
- Redesign of the terrace and veranda

When we beautify and upgrade your house or apartment during a renovation  you don't have to fear any stress. We take all of the work off your hands, so that you can just look forward to your new oasis of wellbeing. Of course, we will talk to you about the current progress in every work phase and let your feedback flow into further work.

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