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You know from your own experience how much a floor, wall and ceiling influence the overall impression of a living room. While carpets were in great demand in earlier decades, stone and wooden floors are the trend today. Both materials offer you a wealth of creative designs that contribute to a natural and cozy feeling of living.

RENEX GmbH will help you choose from real wood floors to laminates and will find the right solution for all your preferences for wood as a natural material. This also applies to stone floors or walls, which upgrade the house or apartment from classic natural stone to elegant marble. Stone has long since become an attractive wall or floor covering in the dining and living room and is even compatible with underfloor heating. With our expert advice on site you will quickly find the ideal floor or walls for every type of living space with us.


Expert installation is essential so that you can enjoy the new floors or walls for years and decades. This is where the experience of our floor layers pays off, as they relieve you of all the troubles around laying stones, tiles, slabs or laminate elements. Doing it yourself is often stressful and leads to poor end results due to the lack of experience. Save yourself this trouble and benefit from a professional installation.

In order to maintain the value of your stone or wooden floor for as long as possible, our floor layers will be happy to give you tips on cleaning and caring for the floors. Conscious and careful handling is particularly important with a wooden floor in damp rooms such as the bathroom. Let us show you how you can enjoy your floor or wall coverings for a long time while maintaining their attractive appearance.



A new bathroom or kitchen floor with a beautiful wall and ceiling does not have to involve a lot of effort and stress. Many laypeople are afraid of dust, dirt and labor, which arise especially when removing old walls, the old floor or installing new walls.    If you trust RENEX GmbH, you don't have to worry about such efforts. We take care of all the work for you in full service and convince you from planning to execution.

Whether fine stone floors, parquet or laminate and various walls, we guarantee you independent advice to match your style of living. Let us show you which floors/walls are the best choice for your bathroom, living area and other rooms. Lean back and enjoy the good feeling that your new wall/floor coverings are being laid by professional hands.

Hartholzboden Zimmer

Now with RENEX GmbH for attractive walls and beautiful floors.

Are you dreaming of a new bathroom or kitchen floor as the finishing touch to an upcoming renovation? Get in touch with us and let us guide you through all renovation and renovation projects. Whether it's a new floor, removing/installing new walls or ceilings, we combine technical skills with comprehensive, professional advice.

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