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A large staircase or a compact structure from the entrance area to the first floor is often the first thing guests see when entering your house. Redesigning the staircase is therefore the right decision for major renovations and conversions. Often the old design no longer corresponds to the style after the house or apartment renovation, individual steps or parts of the railing are worn out or creak.

Nowadays it is easier than ever to create real dream stairs with an individual design. At RENEX, as experts in all areas of interior design, we are familiar with all the possibilities to give your staircase a new and modern charm. We would be happy to pay you a visit on site in Switzerland and work with you to develop the right concept for connecting individual rooms and floors.

Implementing a new staircase including a railing is one of the structurally demanding projects. Particularly with a fundamental renovation, it must be ensured that all floors can still be reached during the construction phase. This is where RENEX's vast experience pays off.

It is important to our team that you experience as little stress as possible during the renovation phase. We are happy to relieve you of all the troubles and work, and we also ensure that your living spaces are continuously usable and accessible. With our full service , you don't have to do anything else and you can hand over all tasks to us. Of course we are at your side as a friendly and communicative contact person in every phase of the renovation.




Would you like to help maintain the value of your property with new stairs? Your existing staircase is no longer up-to-date and should be replaced by a safe solution? Do not hesitate and trust the expertise of RENEX GmbH. As a professional partner, we accompany you in all aspects of renovation and refurbishment and combine specialist knowledge with an eye for aesthetic detail. Just get advice on site in your stairwell and get excited about modern design ideas.

Image by Thanos Pal

There are many aspects to consider when planning a staircase. The chosen design should be functionally convincing and enhance your property over the next few decades contribute. Important aspects that our renovation experts will discuss with you are:

- Do you want a renovation or a fundamental new building?
- Does the planned renovation allow a new staircase shape?
- Which materials and designs suit your new living space?
- Should you consider adding a stair or wheelchair lift later?

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